MISHC TAVR VBR Scoring Methodology 

MISHC uses a collaborative-wide scoring model to measure performance. The collaborative average must be at or above target for 2 of 3 measures for practitioners to be eligible for VBR.

CQI VBR Selection Process

For a practitioner to be eligible for CQI VBR, he or she must: 

  • Meet the performance targets set by the coordinating center and approved by BCBSM
  • Be a member of a PGIP physician organization for at least one year
  • Have contributed data to the CQl's clinical data registry for at least two years, including at least one year of baseline data 

A physician organization nomination isn't required for CQI VBR Instead, the CQI coordinating center will determine which practitioners have met the appropriate performance targets and will notify Blue Cross. Each physician organization will notify practitioners who will receive CQI VBR, as it does for other specialist VBR. 

Practitioners may receive up to 103 percent of the Standard Fee Schedule for performance in a single CQI, and are eligible to receive up to 105 percent of the Standard Fee Schedule for performance> l CQI. 

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