New Process for Report Distribution

The MISHC Coordinating Center will roll out a new process by which you will access your MISHC reports beginning with Q2 2023 reports.

You will no longer access your reports via the password-protected side of Instead, those with report access will receive a secure email to their inbox. Every quarter these links will expire, and you will be provided with a new link to your sites' data. That link will take you to a directory with your updated current and previous reports.

Here is an example of how you can expect this email to look:

An example of the email you will receive with a link to your site-specific reports. The email also includes a link to the look-up tool for lost links.

You will be able to forward the link to others at your site who have permission to view all reports in your directory.

A separate link will take you to other documents that have typically been available on the password-protected side of but are not site-specific, like meeting presentations. (See above: “For secure documents that are not specific to your site, please visit our online storage.”

If you misplace your unique quarterly link, you can use our new lookup tool and have your information re-sent to you. This lookup tool is accessible at Please do not request a new link from MISHC staff.

This is an image promting you to enter your email address to have your site-specific link to your reports re-sent to you.