New MiTVT2 Shared Decision Making Best Practice Protocol

Shared decision making is guideline-recommended for patients with valvular heart disease. To achieve shared decision making, the heart team, the patient, and their caregiver(s) have a comprehensive discussion to review the risks, benefits, and potential outcomes for all treatment options in combination with the patient’s preferences and goals of care.

The new MiTVT2 Shared Decision Making Best Practice Protocol includes:

  • A smart phrase to include in your structural heart documentation.
  • A checklist to use as a guide and educational tool to ensure the procedural options, risks, and patient goals are covered in the discussion with the patient and family.
  • A full documentation template for an overview and indications to add to the shared decision making smartphrase.

Thank you to the MiTVT2 Workgroup for leading the development of this protocol which you will find under "Quality Improvement" and "Best Practices" on